As far as I see, everyone should be able to achieve what she/he needs and become whoever he/she wants. It means that most of the characteristics that build the entrepreneur mindset could be acquired, although that inquietude must exist in the individual heart seeing that not everyone is interested in being an entrepreneur.

Of course, we should not forget that to create a new own business it is essential to count as well on some initial budget and our capital would be limited if we do not have a sponsor.

However, there are multiple examples of innovators that created their companies from scratch, i.e., Steve Jobs, and many others, maybe because in some cases implementing a business is more depending on the innovative idea and that innovation is referred to make the idea real.

In any case, entrepreneurship is still linked to the culture where the individual grew. So, at this point, I totally support Carme’s intervention in an interview by UOC (Open University of Catalonia): “It is clear cultural fact. In terms of business, an American person is more competitive, individual and in some ways more aggressive and focused on the market and these four are just some of the differences that exist between Americans and Spaniards in terms of certain beliefs and attitudes associated with entrepreneurship and their mindset.”

What is more, it is a fact that Spanish entrepreneurship is at least in position #39 compared to the rest of the world numbers and, consequently, it seems that we still must change our mind in general starting with banks, who would never invest in your idea if you failed just once. In Iván Cuende’s words there is still a long way as “Spain’s education system was run by “people stuck in the past”.

Fortunately, this is changing in Spain as there are more and more young entrepreneurs mainly millennials in a high percentage hence, digital natives. So this means that their kind of open minded and the lack of fair for taking risks is decreasing within newest generations, as long as our culture is becoming more and more universalized thanks to “Internet and the Social Media kingdom”.

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