Mary Kay Ash as entrepreneur has a wise vision to anticipate the future with a firm philanthropic conviction about building a better world for the human being. It is a fact that Mary Kay contributed to cancer fight and to eradicate violence against women.

In addition, she possessed and admirable resilient spirit to get recovered from any misfortune and demonstrated self-confidence, tenacity and determination for Entrepreneurship.  

"Mary Kay Ash – Business Bio Summary".
«Mary Kay Ash – Business Bio Summary». By Written For A Touch of Business – July 4, 2018

About her personality, apart from being a visionary and charismatic thinker with huge determination to create her own businesses, Mary inspired and spread enthusiasm with her passion for doing what she loved/desired

In terms of their leadership style, Mary Kay Ash is more people-developer, not only encouraging their people to grow and even understanding failures when happened, but also underlining and recognizing them when doing a brilliant work. Thanks to this attitude, she was able to make the most of their employees.

In any case, it is relevant to highlight that Mary was a pioneer as she started with this philosophy around 50 years ago, when leadership and management styles were more authoritarian, and despite the difficulties she had to face up for being a woman entrepreneur in men’s world. Furthermore, we should not forget that after the 2nd World War, men returned to their employments and women were set aside of their jobs despite having demonstrated their capacity to performing those jobs (badly paid) while men were in the front.

Regarding the business focus, Kay just dedicated her business to cosmetic products, being more aimed to the individualization and exclusiveness: Mary’s business consisted of door-to-door sales and a demonstration of their products for 5-6 women, plus the personalized advices about cosmetics usage and make-up; 

About people developer and relationship with employees, in May Kay Ash’s case she had a very concise and personal objective: “to inspire, enrich women’s lives and encourage women for making the biggest things”.

Based on that, she founded a successful brand taking advantage of two important things:

  1. Her long previous experience in the cosmetics industry, creating a successful marketing plan just comparing her experience in direct sales when she was working for other companies.
  2. Her extreme empathy (people-caring attitude), trusting on face-to-face relationships with her absolute certainty in the huge benefit that a company could obtain just making others feeling important, simply dedicating time and attention to them when being face to face; In her words, “Make people feel important”.

It is a fact, that she showed real interest to help women to develop a successful professional and economical career as many stated in multiple interviews about their experience at Mary Kay company. So these are some of the main reasons why she is considered one of the most important women due to her contribution to women development.

In short, her philosophy can be summarized in three main pillars: “Plan, persist, work”; and in four main rules/advices: “1) Think about the values that you want to live your life by…; 2) believe in yourself…; 3) Dream…; 4) Dare to make your dreams a reality based on the belief in yourself and your values”. 

Moreover, Mary was an advocate of personal and professional life balance considering family as one of the most important values for the individual. Maybe this is the reason why in terms of recognition, Mary organized her company as a family, keeping everyone informed about company plans, policies, announcements, etc. with weekly newsletters, apart from dedicating time for mentoring each of the women working for the brand. She recognized the best employees with valuable gift like the pink car.

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