As already stated in previous posts «To Be or Not to Be an Entrepreneur», from a personal perspective, “everyone should be able to achieve what she/he needs and become whoever he/she wants”.

This means that most of the characteristics that distinguish the entrepreneur’s mindset could be acquired during a longer or shorter period of time based on individual’s exposure to:

  • Economy panorama;
  • Academic training or any other kind of formal/informal education;
  • Professional experience in an specific business industry;
  • Environmental factors like family and key personal references (business predecessors at home); 
  • Region where the entrepreneur was born.
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At the beginning of 2019, Spain represented the top 5 of most innovative startups. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and provided solutions at the service of society’s needs, apart from overall quality of used technology, were launching several Spanish start-ups to fame in different industries and international markets.

It was said that the secret of their success was probably due to social media usage, which permitted a faster expansion of the brand with a reduce investment in conventional advertising. At this point, we recommend you to review previous post with tips & tricks for creating your business from scratch:

Based on this advantageous situation, Entrepreneurship has been promoted and double supported by few official entities. In fact, we have seen an increasing number of events and ferias about Entrepreneurship being organized across the country over the year.

However, per other a few pessimistic voices (, we may be staring a new decline of entrepreneurship and business creation due to the “ossified economy” and the end of “West’s golden entrepreneurial and innovation age”, hence observe, get position, analyze your possibilities and trigger your idea, only if you are fully convinced.

In any case, despite usual natural entrepreneurship skills, the entrepreneur will be influenced by a varied range of factors that will determine the decision to create (or not create) a business for his/her an innovative idea. So, regardless of personal strengths or material support (initial investment the entrepreneur might have gathered), the entrepreneur must be self-confident but be also prepared for success or failure seeing that a new business is not exempt from risk.

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