Elon Musk is a genius, who is definitely doing a significant difference with his brilliant and innovative ideas, till the point of being considered a visionary with passion for his work and positive attitude despite the adversity (even after having suffered several endeavors failures); hence we can say that he owns the ability to overcome hardship never giving up.

In addition, Elon is a very self-demanding person with a huge capacity to work long hours without any rest so this means that he would expect reciprocity from his team and collaborators and, if someone is not up to the tasks, he has no hesitation pushing and/or firing who is not meeting his highest expectations.

Based on this, we can also declare that he demonstrates low level of empathy as some voices already stated (his personal biographer).

At this point, coming out in defense of Musk, his apparent lack of emotional intelligence may be just the consequence of being an extremely competent person that leads with example in terms of indefatigable hard working (so usually expecting the best from his team so tries to control every detail), and never surrenders because, what is also an evidence is that he is sometimes recognizing his people in few public statements traying to get some limelight for his team as well.

Moreover, he is a lead with mature values and change-oriented attitude, with dreams and illusion to get a better world even out of the Earth. In fact, he pursues an overoptimistic vision: to change the world and the Humanity.

  • Because of this, he is focused on two main goals:
  • On the one hand, to reduce global warming through sustainable energy production and consumption with Solar City and efficient Tesla cars.
  • And on the other hand, to reduce the «risk of human extinction» by «making life multi-planetary» by setting up a human colony in Mars with Space X activities.

To accomplish all these challenges, he demonstrates an admirable determination and perseverance, a deep believe feeling, high self-confidence with no fear for mistakes, and indefatigable capacity for working long hours even 24 hours, 7 days a week.

In Elon Musk’s words (“Elon Musk’s 10 rules for success”), these are the skills and behavior that an Entrepreneur should show:

  1. “Never give up”
  2. “Really like what you do”
  3. “Do not listen to the #littleman”
  4. “Take a risk”
  5. “Do something important”
  6. “Focus on signal over noise”
  7. “Look for problem solvers”
  8. “Attract great people”
  9. “Have a great product”
  10. “Work hard”

5 mindset characteristics found in Elon Musk

  1. If I had to define Musk with just 5 mindset characteristics, I would say that:
  2. Elon is passionate, as he even estates that everyone must work with passion to achieve their personal challenges. He does not come up with a profession/life without passion.
  3. He is a man that embraces the difficulty, seeing that he is putting in place challenges for which technology does not exist yet. i.e., his project to establish a colony in Mars for human being. We find another example within Tesla cars that need electric refuel and for which he created free electric stations along US so as to make this easier and avoid Tesla car’s failures (Tesla Electrification Plan).
  4. He is original with his disruptive and futurist ideas. As an example, his conceptual Hyperloop high-speed transit tube, or the cars with no pilot (Autonomous System for Tesla cars able to cross US from L.A. to NY).
  5. He stays driven all the time. We evidence this with final successful rocket launching after several failed attempts. When everything was against him and despite the lack of additional economic resources, he wagered all his money and persevered till being successful.
  6. He is continuously looking for opportunities to learn as a persistent hunter of new ideas and innovations, considering futurist solutions to solve current problems like global warming with usage of solar roof to produce solar energy efficiently saving money for domestic economies.

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